山梨・三浦・伊豆の3拠点での移住体験報告【MEET UP】OHISASHiBURI!

《English is below》

Rural Life Connectionのロブさん主催の、5カ月振りのMeetup。
◎日時 9月25日(月)19:30~21:30
◎参加費 500円

19:30  開場・趣旨説明
19:40  プレゼン
20:30  フリートーク・交流会
21:20  まとめ
21:30頃 自由解散

◆ろぶ・はしば - 海外を含む3カ国で計16回の引越しを経験、2016年8月から東伊豆町(伊豆半島)に移住。地元で英訳・英語学習支援の仕事、外国人へSkype日本語レッスンなどをしながら、世界中からからブロガー・旅人・フリーランサーを呼ぶ「ホームステイ・プロジェクト」の the other houseを開所、何かと伊豆ライフを堪能中。

◆Kenta - 2016年8月から山梨移住。Web制作、ラッパー、3児のパパ。今回の会場でもあるニューロ東京の管理人として働きながら山梨と東京を行ったり来たりの2拠点生活。山梨の家もDIY改修したり、奥さんもパン工房を作ったりと着々とライフスタイル確立中。

◆Namiki - 大手不動産ディベロッパーにて勤務後、神奈川三浦半島に移住、DIYで自ら住むシェアハウスを作ったり「Earth Light」をつくったり、様々なイベント・レイブの企画などに関わっています。全国で色々なお手伝いをする全国キャラバンなど常に企画中。


持参の食べ物や飲み物を提供するため500円の参加日をお願いしています。 また、NueroCafe Barでは別料金でお酒のオーダーも可能です

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Rob Hashiba has organized a group to help "connect" those who are interesting about "rural life" in Japan.
This time we will have 3 members share their learnings and finding in their lives after relocating to Yamanashi,Miura, and Izu.

◎Date:25th,Sep(Mon) PM19:30~
◎Fee:500Yen with the food and beverages
19:30 Start meetup. Short orientation.
19:40 Presentations
20:30 Socializing, network time!
21:20 Wrap up
21:30 End of Session

◎Intended Audience:
we hope that the even could be used to people who are interest in things like "relocating to rural Japan" "remote work" "freelancing/entreprenuering", and also for those who like to connect and share with like-minds, think about "relocation within Japan" and "life after relocation within Japan".

◎Some keywords:
travelling, experiencing, connecting, remote work, authentic Japanese culture.

◆Rob Hashiba - Born in the US. Moved to Higashi-Izu in Izu Peninsula in Aug. 2016. Experience having moved 16 time in 3 countries. Works with English translaions and tutoring locally, while teaching Japanese Online to foreigners abroad. Started "the other house" project inviting bloggers, travelers and freelancers/entrepreneurs from all over the world, while somehow enjoying life in Izu.

◆Kenta Ooto- Moved to Yamanashi in Aug. 2016. Web direction, rapper, and father of thre children. Admin of this event's venue Nuero Tokyo, living a dual life between Tokyo and Yamanashi. Carries a creative life self-renovating his house in Yamanashi, while his wife starts a new bakery.

◆Takehiro Namiki - After working at a big name real state development firm, relocated to Miura Peninsula in Kanagawa Pref. Self-built his current residence and share house in Miura, as well as designing "Earth Lights", and being involved in various rave parties and events.

You can also order additional beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) at the NueroCafe Bar.
Looking forward to seeing you there!

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